The Focus

I created Desired Results Coaching to assist individuals in making crucial decisions in order to navigate life transitions.  I have found that its hard to see the way "thru" a problem when you are "in" the problem.  

Whether you're facing a major life transition or seeking clarity in making, a decision, I am here to inspire confidence and resilience in you while assisting you to navigate thru the challenges to achieve your desired outcomes.

Specialized Coaching Services

I offer a range of personalized services tailored to meet the unique needs of my clients.

Programs designed for decision-making coaching, life transition coaching and organizational coaching are structured but flexible to allow for all issues that may come up and that need to be addressed in order to move forward.

My ability to see the "Big Picture and the Path to get there" is my greatest strength which results in guiding individuals towards greater self-awareness and helping them overcome obstacles that may be holding them back from reaching their desired outcomes.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

I am here to assist in whatever transition you you are facing at this time so I encourage to take the first step towards achieving your personal and professional goals by getting in touch with me today to schedule a consultation.